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Top Ten Tips For a Digital Detox

If you're feeling overwhelmed by social media or electronics in general, it might be time to plan some time away from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the constant interruptions of incoming emails and texts.

Perhaps try a digital detox?

Here's how to make a digital detox both successful and meaningful:

1. Set Some Ground Rules

Before you start your digital detox, it is important to set some ground rules. Decide how long you want to go without using digital devices, what types of devices you will allow yourself to use, and what activities you will allow yourself to do. For example, you may decide to go without using your phone for a week, but still allow yourself to use your laptop for work and your tablet for reading.

2. Tell Your Friends and Family

Once you have decided on your ground rules, it is important to tell your friends and family about them. Let them know that you will be unavailable for a certain period of time and explain why you are doing it. This will help to avoid any potential conflict or misunderstanding.

3. Unplug from Social Media

A large part of most people’s lives is spent on social media. If you are trying to take a digital detox, it is important to unplug from social media. This means deleting any apps from your phone, logging out of all accounts on your computer, and avoiding any social media sites altogether. If you find this too difficult, try limiting yourself to only checking social media a few times a day or even just once a day.

4. Put Your Phone Away

One of the hardest things about taking a digital detox is putting your phone away. We are so used to having our phones with us at all times that it can feel like we are missing a limb when we don’t have them. If you find it hard to put your phone away, try leaving it in another room or even turning it off altogether. You may also want to consider putting it in airplane mode so that you can still use it for things like listening to music or taking pictures, but won’t be able to receive calls or texts.

5. Avoid Screen Time Before Bed

Another way to reduce your dependence on digital devices is to avoid using them in the hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted by screens can disrupt our natural sleep patterns, so it is important to avoid using screens for at least an hour before bedtime. This means no more scrolling through social media in bed or watching TV before falling asleep!

6. Get Outside

One of the best ways to reduce screen time is to get outside and enjoy nature. There are endless benefits to spending time outdoors, including reducing stress levels, improving mental health, and increasing energy levels. So make sure to get outside for at least 30 minutes each day during your digital detox!

7. Read a Book

If you find yourself with some extra time during your digital detox, why not pick up a book? Reading can help improve mental health, reduces stress levels, and can even increase intelligence! So make sure to take some time out during your detox to curl up with a good book!

8 . Connect with Loved Ones Face-to-Face

In today’s world, we often communicate with our loved ones through text messages or social media posts. However, during a digital detox, it is important to connect with loved ones face-to-face instead of relying on technology. This means actually talking to people instead of just sending them a quick text message! So make sure to call or visit your loved ones during your detox!

9 . Do Something Creative

Another great way to spend your time during a digital detox is by doing something creative! Whether you enjoy painting, drawing, writing, or another form of art, letting your creativity flow can help reduce stress levels and improve mental health! So make sure to set aside some time during your detox for creative pursuits!

10. Revisit the Reasons

Think about what you've gained from your digital detox, how you've benefited from taking a break. Perhaps you got to do things you never seemed to have time for. Perhaps you feel more relaxed and creative. Soak in those successes and make your next digital detox both sooner and longer.

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