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Recent Media Clips

I appear frequently in broadcast, print and online media, offering my opinions and insights into key issues, including addiction, violence, poverty and the state of the nonprofit sector.


I am a frequent guest on News 12 and NYC network news broadcasts and have appeared on MSNBC, CNN, Fox Business News, Good Morning America and in the New York Times, USA Today and Newsday.


Some of my recent media clips are linked below:


"The last two years have certainly been challenging for FCA and other nonprofits, but we’ve adapted well, and I’m excited about 2022. There’s an influx of new funds for health and human services coming from Washington, our new governor understands the value of community-based services and we seem to have some newly elected local officials eager to help. That said, the hungry folks who waited on a 2-mile-long line for a pantry bag during COVID or crashed at a local shelter a year ago will still need food, housing and an array of other services in January. The kids struggling with anxiety, depression and uncertainty will need mental health services for years to come and if we aspire to lower Long Island’s sky-high drug overdose rate, we still have lots of work to do. With some new nonprofit service models and innovative partnerships in play, along with the COVID-inspired re-affirmation that Long Island always steps up for our neighbors in need, there’s no doubt that our region will emerge healthier and safer."  - Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds 


I joined Northwell Health CEO, Michael Dowling and News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen discuss the opioid crisis on Long Island during the COVID pandemic.