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Are you looking for an energizing keynote for a large group, an intimate interactive workshop for a small group or something in-between? I can help you in the way I’ve helped hundreds of other companies, nonprofits, trade groups and professional organizations. There probably won’t be any Powerpoint slides and participants hiding out in the back row won’t be an option. This will be a high-energy, frank and forthright discussion designed to spur questions, comments, exploration and ultimately, engagement.



With three decades worth of experience, I help nonprofits crystalize their vision for new projects, for agency re-invention or to become more competitive with an eye towards changing even more lives. Whether it's refining your strategic plan, energizing your management team or finding new ways to tell your story, I can help. 

Use the contact form below to let me know how I can help you and I will be in touch regarding availability and rates.

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