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In the News: Guns in America - A Fair Media Council Expert Panel on Gun Violence

I recently had the pleasure of moderating an online panel discussion that went beyond the “thoughts and prayers” soundbite to discuss how the news media is covering gun violence in America today.

Expert speakers offered insight and first-hand personal and professional accounts into their connection with gun violence. They tackled the issue in real-time to address why gun violence is skyrocketing in this country, and what communities are doing to address it.

We were joined by our host, Jaci Clement (CEO & Executive Director, Fair Media Council ) briefly, alongside Abene Clayton (specializes in covering gun violence in communities), Dr. Prince (Pediatric trauma surgeon at Northwell), Mary Claire Molloy (was in an active shooter situation), and myself.

We touched on topics such as: - The Problem of Gun Violence - What news media leaves out of the story - Tactics communities are using - Generational differences in views on guns This discussion was part of the Fair Media Council annual event, The News Conference: Real & Powerful, designed to bring the best in news together to engage in open dialogue with news consumers to build mutual understanding and respect.

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