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Just Start….


Want to run fast? Run fast.

Want to write a book? Write.

Want to start a business? Start it.

Bucket lists and dreams are great, but making those dreams a reality is even better. Every race starts with a single step. Every bestselling book or great speech starts with a first word. Every successful business starts with that first dollar. Every new relationship starts with a “hello.” What will you start today?

Yeah, yeah, I know. You have a million things to do and you’re going to “try” to squeeze it in after all those things are done. How long have you been doing that?

I’ve got a theory: You aren’t starting because you are afraid to fail.

You aren’t too busy. You aren’t waiting for the right time. You are afraid to fail. Take the first step and 90% of the fear and doubt will disappear. The other 10% is healthy and will motivate you each and every day until you get it done.

Start now. Not an hour from now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not when you turn 30, 40, 50 or 60. Right now.

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