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Preventing Overdose Deaths – There may soon be an App for that!

Last year, the federal Food and Drug Administration announced a Naloxone App Competition to spur technology entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ways to reduce skyrocketing overdose fatalities nationwide.

Specifically, the goal of the contest was to encourage development of a low-cost, scalable, crowd-sourced mobile phone application that helps increase the likelihood that opioid users, their immediate personal networks, and first responders are able to identify and react to an overdose by administering naloxone, a medication that reverses the effects of opioid overdose. The prize was $40,000.

The winner has been named and here’s a video that explains their life-saving product:

OD Help was created by Venice, California-based startup PwrdBy and the app should be available on all popular platforms shortly. While no app, nor any single measure will solve our heroin crisis, this could certainly help.

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