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Runners Run, Bloggers Blog

In his latest book,

, bestselling author Seth Godin includes a quote from sculptor Elizabeth King that reads, “process saves us from the poverty of our intentions.” Godin – a thinker, writer and teacher explained the quote this way on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, “Tomorrow morning when you wake up. You probably won’t feel like engaging in the practice. And if you do, you probably won’t feel that way the next day. What we do is decide that we’re a runner and runners go running every day. We decide we’re a blogger and bloggers blog every day and that decision lightens the cognitive load so much because there’s no reason to negotiate with ourselves. The question is not should we go or not? The question is ‘should we go left or right,’ but we’re going.”

Pick a thing – running, writing, singing, yoga, meditation, photography or whatever else you’ve been waiting to do – and resolve right now to do it everyday. Start now. Do it daily until it just becomes a given and rather than using your psychic energy to create an idle narrative of excuses and reasons why you can’t start or re-start now, you’ll been your way to building something meaningful, even if it isn’t perfect at first.

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