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Stop Checking Your Email When You Wake Up

Most people start their mornings by hopping out of bed or leaning over to the nightstand to grab their phones and check their email – just to make sure there’s nothing pressing happening. That usually turns into a 15-20 minute scroll-fest, followed by a “quick” look at social media that also spans 15-20 minutes. Then you are ready to start your day.

But here’s the thing. You’ve now given up 30-40 minutes of your precious time, started your morning with activities that probably won’t help you meet your goals and handed over control of your life to folks looking to sell you stuff and hijack your time in furtherance of their goals.

When was the last time you started the morning with a life-changing email? Life changing stuff happens in person or at the very least via phone. Emails are seldom life-changing. They can wait.

Instead, here are six ways alternate ways to start the day:

Drink a big glass of water – Water ignites your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush-out toxins, fuels your brain, and may help you eat less.

Make a decent breakfast – An egg McMuffin at the drive through doesn’t fuel your body or mind properly. Take some time to prepare a decent, healthy breakfast.

Write down 6 things you hope to accomplish for the day – Use an index card to make quick notes about your personal and professional priorities.

Exercise – You say you “never have time” and if you wait until after work, it probably won’t happen.

Read – Commit to reading 30 pages of a book each day and you’ll sound smarter at parties.

Spend some quality time with family – Dinner time can be chaotic and mornings are a great time for quiet, centered chats when everyone is fresh.

Your emails and Facebook posts will still be there long after you’ve started your day your way.

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