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Swimming, Biking and Running in 2019

If you follow me on social media, you know that I track my swimming, cycling and running workouts religiously using a 

Garmin Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit (Black) watch, which links not only to Garmin Connect, but to the Training Peaks app. There’s more data there than the average person needs, but technology has made tracking simple and all my data goes directly to my amazing coach, Danielle Sullivan from Iron Fit Endurance. She prescribes the workouts, often detailing goal pacing, duration, etc. and once I’m done, she reviews the results, sends me feedback and may adjust subsequent workouts based on performance, heart rate and how I felt. Data-based coaching helps promote accountability and ensures that I’m making the most of training time. It also helps me keep track of my progress, so here’s what I did in 2019:

Open water and pool swimming :  50.49 miles

Indoor and outdoor cycling – including Pel0ton: 1,614.26 miles

Outdoor and treadmill running: 1,047.64 miles

Strength training: 20 hours

I also participated in several races including a 70.3 mile triathlon, several sprint triathlons, a couple half marathons and my 4th New York City Marathon.

So what’s the plan for 2020? Here are my goals:

Swimming:  75 miles

Cycling: 2,500 miles

Running: 1,200 miles

Strength Training: 40 hours

In 2019, I had some great workouts, even better races and landed a spot on the age group podium a couple times. Repeating that feat won’t be easy in 2020, but I’m focused on setting new personal records for several races, including Maine 70.3.

Why? Because beyond the medals, there’s the feeling of accomplishment after months of tireless work, the excitement of new challenges and the health benefits that accompany endurance sports.

Lofty or modest, what are your fitness goals and how will you boost your health in 2020?

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