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The Five People You Spend The Most Time With

Jim Rohn

Those five people probably include family, friends, co-workers, all of whom have their own traits, habits, beliefs, limits, and ambitions, which in turn influence yours.

Are you surrounded by people who support, encourage, inspire you and sometimes even push you to go beyond what you thought was possible? Do they challenge your limiting beliefs, help you open new doors, and constantly ask you, “why not”?

Should all those people be exactly like you? Probably not, but nor should they be exact opposites.

Take stock of who’s influencing you. Each one should help make you better at something – a better spouse, a better parent, better at your job, healthier, happier. Those five people, in tandem with your own efforts, should help to make you a better person, however you define that.

Some of those five people will come and go as you journey through life; others will remain constant, even if they aren’t physically present. Know who those five people are. Understand and appreciate their impact on you. Then think about how you impact them.

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