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What Can You Remove From Your To-Do List?

There is nothing like the feeling of crossing something off your to-do list, even if you wrote out down just to get the satisfaction of crossing it off.

But how many of those things never should have made it onto the list in the first place?

How many Zoom meetings are twice as long as they need to be, include the wrong people or are wholly unnecessary?

How many hour-long meetings could have been an email? How many end without a concrete follow-up plan or next steps?

As we spend hours pursuing “in-box zero,” and checking social media feeds, it makes sense to wonder whether we really need to send all of those texts, emails and Facebook messages? Do we need really need take that last look at Instagram or TikTok?

Is everything on your to-do list really that important or meaningful? Will it make a difference tomorrow, next week or next year? Do the things on today’s list relate to your goals for the year or are you rushing through those tasks, hoping to have time at the end of the day when your creative energy is depleted to do the really important stuff?

Before adding things to your to-do list, carefully consider the impact and importance of each item. Doing a bunch of meaningless stuff fast isn’t productive. Working hard is easy; working smarter takes some strategic thinking and tough decisions.

For every new thing you add to your list today, take something off. The important stuff will rise to the top.

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