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Why You Didn’t Exercise Yesterday…

You didn’t have time.

You didn’t feel 100%.

You figured you’d do it today.

Something unexpected came up.

It was too hot outside.

None of that is true.

In reality, you decided that doing something else would feel better than exercise. That’s how our brains work. Relaxing, watching Netflix, lying on the beach, spending time on Facebook, or even working seemed more alluring than exercise, which if you are doing it right, challenges you, makes you sweat and quite frankly is a lot of work. You chose something else. And that’s fine.

But if you want to stick with your plan to exercise today, remember back to your last workout and recall how great it felt as you neared the end, how proud you were that you finished and take a moment to think about the health benefits. Accumulated stress and fat melt away. Your body and your mind get stronger with each workout and with every step. Decision-making is easier. Your clothes fit better. You feel more confident.

The benefits are there and they’re available to you in as little as 30 minutes. Today.

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