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Will Today Be Just Another Day?

It’s May 31st.

That date may have no significance to you, but it’s still early and you have a chance to make today a day to remember.


  1. Do something you’ve never done before.

  2. Re-connect to an old friend.

  3. Change your plans and do something spontaneous.

  4. Get started on something life-changing – a book, a screenplay or another project.

  5. Enroll in a class.

  6. Buy a plane ticket to somewhere you’ve never visited.

  7. Walk into a charity or hospital and say “I’d like to volunteer.”

  8. Start training for a marathon or go to your first yoga class.

  9. Apologize to someone you wronged long ago.

  10. Apply for a new job or re-commit to the one you love.

  11. Stop doing one thing that leaves you feeling guilty or empty.

May 31st is yours and if you’re lucky, June 1st will come with new possibilities as well. But at some point, the days will get shorter, the possibilities will shrink and you will have only the memories you created for yourself and for others.

You can make today matter. You can make it memorable. Or May 31st can be just another day.

That’s up to you.

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