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You Could Start Right Now. Right Now.

A ball and chain on a white background. Very high resolution 3D render.

Experiencing a significant life challenge? Been struggling with the same issue for years? Answer this question: What would life look if you could wake up in the morning with that problem solved? Really take a moment to contemplate what the change would mean and ask yourself:

How would that feel?

Would I experience less stress, anxiety, guilt, or depression?

How would the change impact my relationships?

How might others respond to these changes?

Would solving this problem help me address other challenges in my life?

So, here’s the most important question: What’s holding you back?

I’m sure you can find a million reasons why “now isn’t the time” or create a host of artificial barriers to progress.  Stop it.

Leave this page up on your screen and do one thing that will move you forward in addressing that problem or making a long overdue improvement. Just one thing. Doesn’t have to be huge. Just one step. Make a pledge in writing. Watch an instructive YouTube video. Make a phone call or send an email. Begin to sketch out a plan. Tell another person of your intentions. Just one thing. Right now.

And if you’re brave enough, leave a comment below about what you’ve done.

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