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Discussing Fentanyl on News 12's "The New Normal"

I had the pleasure of joining Elizabeth Hashagen and Kevin Craig from Porzio Compliance Services for a great discussion about fentanyl overdoses and ways in which parents can become more proactive in addressing the dangers with their kids.

Key takeaways:

  • Talk with your kids about drugs and alcohol early and often. Be honest and clear about the potential consequences.

  • Teach your kids to talk about their mental health - ask how they are feeling and keep an eye out for anxiety and depression.

  • Watch for tell-tale signs and symptoms of substance use - social withdrawal, shift in friend groups, changes in financial status.

  • Keep tabs on your kids - they don't have a "right to privacy" when their lives are at stake.

  • Lead with compassion, but be clear about the consequences when your kids break household rules.

The entire show is linked below.

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