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Election Day: It’s Your Turn!

To all those candidates for public office…thank you!

Putting yourself out there came with risks and personal/professional sacrifices, including time away from your family, friends and other matters as you worked tirelessly towards a singular goal.

Win or lose, look back over the past few months with the confidence that you ran a fair, respectful, honest campaign that focused on the issues, advanced civic dialogue and encouraged “we the people” to become more engaged in our communities.

To the thousands of Long Islanders who worked behind the scenes making calls, stuffing envelopes and working events, we see you and appreciate your quiet contributions to democracy.

If you’re on the ballot today or part of a campaign team, take a deep breath and know that your work is done for now. You gave it your all.

If you’re not on the ballot and wondering whether you have time to get to the polls today, stop it! Democracy works best when we all do our part.

It’s your turn. Polls close today at 9:00PM

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