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Flying the American Flag Makes Patriotic Firefighters Look Like ISIS? Really?

A local official in Rhode Island reportedly told firefighters that they should remove the American flag from their firetrucks.

In a surreal way, Fred Gralinski of the Central Coventry Fire District compared American flags mounted on the district’s firetrucks to ISIS flying its black flag while riding around terrorizing folks in the Middle East. An NBC-TV affiliate caught the flag flap on audio and you can listen here.

“They look like a bunch of yahoos,” Gralinski exclaimed at the board meeting. “Like in the paper, like ISIS in Syria going to take over a city. I don’t think they need that big flag on the back of the truck. That’s not America to me. Those are a bunch of terrorists. So, I’m going to ask you to take the flag off that truck.”

The International Firefighters Union is fighting back and as Flag Day  approaches, let’s hope sanity prevails.

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