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How Will You Spend Your Day Today?

How will you spend your day today?

Will what you do really matter at the end of the day? In 5 days? In 5 weeks? How about in 5 years?

My day, like everyone else’s is heavily scheduled as I juggle family responsibilities, a crazy pace at work, fitness training and a bunch of other stuff.

It’s easy to fill 16 waking hours and most days, I wish I had twice that amount of time.

If only I could get my email box to 5,000, make that last Facebook post, schedule one more meeting or make one more phone call.

Then I could start again tomorrow.

As you start your day today, take control of how you will spend your time. Not by aggressively and efficiently scheduling every moment, but by figuring out what will matter in the long term.

An extra ten minutes with your kids or your spouse matters. Catching up with an old friend matters. Helping someone in need matters. Resolving a conflict or having an important conversation matters. Finishing a project that will make you feel successful and accomplished matters. Taking a few minutes for yourself to understand what’s really important to you matters. Minimizing the stuff in your life that doesn’t matter, probably matters more than anything else.

Make today matter.

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