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I’m doing the NYC Triathlon for Family & Children’s Association


Serving our community for more than 130 years, Family & Children’s is dedicated to protecting and strengthening Long Island’s most vulnerable children, seniors, families, and communities. I proudly became the organization’s President/CEO in July, 2014 and was immediately struck by the comprehensive array of services offered by FCA along with the passion, intelligence and integrity of such a fine team. Among the services offered by FCA are the following:

  1. Nassau County’s only shelter for runaway/homeless youth.

  2. A transitional residence for young adults.

  3. Two licensed substance abuse treatment centers.

  4. A residence for homeless veterans

  5. A co-op nursery for moms in our substance abuse treatment program and recent immigrants.

  6. A mental health case management program for children and a respite program for their families.

  7. A full suite of senior citizen programs, including volunteer ombudspersons in nursing homes, bill payer services, case management services and more.

  8. Family counseling and mediation.

  9. Scholarships, vocational counseling, job training and placement.

  10. Case management for young people transitioning out of foster care.

FCA offers several other programs serving diverse populations, and all are laser-focused on strengthening individuals, families and communities. We offer one-stop shopping and immediate assistance for Long Island families, which means fewer barriers to care, lean and imaginative management and cost-effectiveness. In short, your donated dollar goes further at FCA.


Click here to help me reach my goal to raise $3,000 for FCA.

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